Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bombay Sapphire - Vapour

This was from a competition run by Bombay Sapphire to design a new, unique glass.

My inspiration for ‘vapour’ came from the extensive description Bombay provides whilst describing how they blend the botanics with their spirit, by vapour filtration, making their gin unique. I wanted my design to look like it was a vapour; surrounding the martini glass, with the blue areas in the lip escaping the traditional cylindrical rim. I also thought about the clientele, and how they would interact with the glass, I wanted the glass to be very tall, and delicate looking, from certain sides so that the vapour idea would be conveyed but also so that when the customer picked it up they would have the feeling of how fragile the process is. They would respect it and take care, just as Bombay do when making the gin.

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